Postcards from Upper Mustang (Nepal)

Finding Lemur

22 Sept 2014: The postcards I sent from Nepal finally started arriving in Australia today (about 5 weeks after I posted them). I received some lovely messages on Facebook!

2014 09 22 postcard Lex2014 09 22 postcard Betsy2014 09 22 postcard Becky


Throughout Nepal there are thousands of “bookshops” selling postcards, stationery, maps, panoramic posters … all featuring the spectacular Himalayas, of course.

One of the great strengths of my Nepali guide was his ability to seek out the type of experiences I wanted to have. In my case, it was travelling responsibly with a community focus, and choosing to spend money in ways which would benefit locals and communities directly. At the start of our trip, he suggested that instead of buying postcards from a bookshop, I could buy them from a Tibetan Buddhist monastery we were scheduled to visit. Not every monastery sells postcards, and be honest I wasn’t sure what they would be like. But to me the point of…

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